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You can try any number of our own unique brews at our Taproom or beer garden location:

Tidbit 6-filtered

Anaphylactic: Dry porter brewed with real peanut butter so beware. A unique, deep flavor that blends perfectly with Jam. 6.3% ABV
Axe & Receive DIPA: Full of el dorado and city hope hopped IPA then aged over hickory axe handle for some Scout flare. 8.4% ABV
Bee Cool, Honey Bunny: Wheat beer with a boat load of honey and honey malt to pull the flavor through to the pint. honey flavor without being sweet. 5.9% ABV
Cuckoo: Milk stout brewed with over a pound of coco puff cereal in each keg, along with additional dark chocolate and lactose to complete this bowl of cereal in a pint. 7.3% ABV
Drupaceous: Golden ale loaded with honey and drupaceous fruit (stone fruit) including peaches and apricots. sessionable fruit beer. 6.0% ABV
Intergalactose: Cream ale served on nitro is brewed with lactose and vanilla to mimic a tall glass of milk. Perfect with a cookie. 7.0% ABV
Jam: Malt-forward red ale brewed with marionberries. Refreshingly fruity and a perfect blend with our PB porter. 5.9% ABV
Kentucky: Oatmeal stout brewed with bourbon, coffee, and hazelnuts. The perfect winter beer, and even better with a scoop of coffee ice cream. 6.7% ABV
Nori-Torious: Classic gose salted with nori. A tart, refreshing beer with a hint of salt. 6.2% ABV
Panama Jack: Malt bomb brewed with spiced rum and coconut for a beach vacation flair in this cold Portland winter. 6.4% ABV
Pink: Heavily hopped IPA coming in at over 100 IBUs and mellowed subtly with fresh strawberries.  6.1% ABV
Pomegranatea: Malty red ale brewed with pomegranates, earl grey tea and dry hopped with hallertau hops for a wonderful aroma. 5.5% ABV
Porridge: Oatmeal pale ale brewed with cinnamon raisins and vanilla. A drinkable, seasonal option for the fall/winter. 5.5% ABV
Sap: Strong ale brewed with over 5lbs of maple syrup per keg, smoked oak, and finished with spruce tips. 9.5% ABV
Sweetart: Very drinkable, slightly sour ale that we dry hopped with sweater candy. 5.8% ABV
Yam Slam: Sweet potato casserole in a glass. Made with real yams and all the delicious spices that make the dish great. Fall classic. 6.2% ABV

We also feature other beers from high-quality breweries. Here are a few we frequently pour:

Ft. George
pFriem Family
Ex Novo
Portland Cider